Fan Fiction

Several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of discovering fan fiction and falling in love with this means of telling a story 🙂 Of course, reading it wasn’t enough, so here are links to my current fan fiction works.

Ambivalence–A Lois & Clark fic set at the end of Season 1: House of Luthor that runs through Season 2: A Wall of Sound. It always bothered me that Clark didn’t have a chance to process Lois’s rejection, nor did they have an opportunity to work through the issues in their friendship together. This story is about putting the pieces back together. Rated T to be safe.

A Mixed Grief–A Star Trek Alternate Original Series story. How do you grieve for a mother who resented your existence? Jim finds out about Winona’s death. Post Into Darkness. Jim & Spock friendship with a little Bones thrown in. Winona’s A+ parenting. T for language.

A Vision of the Path Before Him–A Pride & Prejudice variation where Elizabeth and the Gardiners take their planned trip to the Lakes. No one is around to rescue Lydia from Wickham and events spiral out of control. All seems lost until fate gives Darcy a second chance. Rated T to be safe.