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Messing Up Our Own Lives

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks! Computer problems have been a big issue for us lately.

Let’s talk about suffering. A couple weeks ago on Epic Every Day, we spent the whole week talking about suffering. It’s gotten me thinking about the suffering we bring on ourselves….

Frankly, the past couple weeks have been rough. My computer finally gave up the ghost, so much of our time has been spent trying to come up with an affordable solution in the face of another set of major car repairs. A solution that includes being able to run my writing program. Something that seems impossible right now.

And I haven’t handled it well. Not being able to write has thrown me in stressed out mode. And money is a weak spot for me. Probably why God keeps giving us opportunities to practice.

Anyway! it’s not suffering as some would call it and I have definitely dealt with worse things, but I wanted to use this week as an example. When the computer and the car happened on the same day, I felt so frustrated. So discouraged. So tired of fighting with “things” just to do the important stuff. Obviously, we prayed about the whole situation. But that hasn’t stopped me from worrying and spinning in my brain.

Somewhere in the midst of thinking about suffering, I had this vision of what it would look like if the computer/car situation was easy. I would pray to the God of the universe who owns/made everything and loves me as His dear child. And then I would wait expectantly. I would be excited at this new opportunity to see God work. I would not worry that things might be impossible. I would not worry about juggling finances. I would not worry about losing time on my writing projects. I would just trust.

That might be where joy comes in.

Sometimes, we get so fixated on the solution we want that we miss out on what God’s doing. For example, this morning I went to write this blog post and realized that I didn’t have my wordpress password (it was in the other room). Rather than writing it in Word or Google docs or my e-mail, I just moved on to the next thing on my list. There were numerous solutions but because I was so focused on one solution, I waited hours to solve the problem.

I wish it wasn’t true, but sometimes, we bring suffering on ourselves. We take stressful circumstances and increase our suffering by not trusting God. We close our eyes to ways God is working because it doesn’t meet our expectations. We agonize over things that God has already solved or answered. Holding things with an open hand means leaving room for God to work the way that’s His best–not my best.

So when you think about your life, is there anywhere you are making things harder than they need to be?

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A Supernatural God

Good news: we baked our MacBook’s logic board in a toaster oven and it fixed the problem ­čÖé I love saying that. It’s true though. The graphics card was the problem and baking it fixed the issue–at least for now. Thank you everyone who prayed!! So I’m back on my computer and I’m so, so, so thankful to be able to write like a normal person! I missed working on my novel all those days of computerlessness.

I love how something that sounds insane was actually the fix. Supposedly, baking the graphics card (which is attached to the logic board) causes the solder to melt and re-solidifies the needed connections.

Life’s like that sometimes, isn’t it? God calls us to do something that sounds insane to outsiders–like tithe or take time for a quiet time even with things being ridiculously busy. Recently, Exodus 14:15-18 has come up in my quiet time. If you’re not familiar with the section, it’s just after the ten plagues cause Pharaoh to let the Israelites go–and then he changes his mind. Moses and the Israelites are standing in front of the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his army bearing down on them. God says to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.┬áRaise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground” (NIV).

I have to admit, I cracked up over God’s response. Here Moses is actually crying out to God rather than trying to do something on his own and God says, “Why are you crying out to me?” Does anyone else think that Moses responded with something like “Duh!”?

God tells Moses to stick his staff out over the waters to divide them. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but this wouldn’t be a normal person’s first thought. I mean, I could see why it could have been Moses’ since God had been manifesting Himself through Moses’ staff. But when you hear the instructions, is there a moment of “say what?”?

I had one of those moment’s when I read that it was possible to fix my computer by ┬ábaking it in the oven.

But that’s what God does. He calls us to do things that aren’t natural. Not because they make sense, but because God is God over the natural–He can do more than what’s natural. I think I told you guys I’m working through Jennifer Dean’s study on prayer. That’s where this passage came up. I was really convicted that I don’t often enough ask God to do the supernatural. I’m like Moses, standing by the banks of the Red Sea, staff in hand, crying out to God because I don’t see any way a situation can work out. I limit God to what’s natural.

Our God is supernatural. He does what He wants. Like the disciples said, “even the winds and the waves obey him” (Matt. 8:27 NIV).

There are things in my life that seem huge–insurmountable… as insurmountable as the Israelites’ situation with Pharaoh’s army on one side and the Red Sea on the other. God is fully up to the task of doing something amazing. And, if you have huge things in your life (which I’m sure you do), God’s just as capable of taking care of them too. We just have to stop freaking out, listen for God’s response, and then obey. Like Moses did.