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Being a Good Receiver

So how’s everybody’s week been? Mine was…unexpected. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m kind of a type A person. I like to plan far in advance and then stick with my plans. This whole culture of making plans on a moment by moment basis drives me a little crazy. Don’t get me wrong: I love being able to make spur of the moment plans via everyone’s cell phones but I don’t want to live that way every day.

Anyway! We had plans to be out of town but, because of factors outside of our control, we weren’t. Ironically, I just recently did the lesson in James about holding our plans with an open hand because only God knows what’s actually going to happen tomorrow. As I was grumbling about work stuff and having to reschedule/miss various things, I was reminded that I want to be a good receiver.

What do I mean by being a good receiver? In The Abundance Code, one of the presenters defined being a good receiver as being someone who, when given something, takes it and uses it to become stronger. A bad receiver becomes weaker when they get something–for example, the person who uses money to buy drugs. Less obvious are things like when I handle something with fear or resentment and the situation leads to sin or when God gives us a financial bonus and I put my security in money instead of Him.

I was reminded today that God puts the exact right things in our lives. He doesn’t allow something in His children’s lives if He’s not going to use it for something awesome. As I write this, I’m sitting at my desk, looking out my window at a grey, rainy day. It’s a far cry from the sun and sand I was expecting to see today. But it’s here for a reason. I’m here for a reason. And I have a choice to make: I can continue my grumbling and frustration or I can surrender and trust that God is doing something far more worthwhile than I can imagine.

It’s easy to get thrown when our plans don’t work out the way we want them to/expected them to–but we don’t have to stay thrown. We can move past that stress and into the peace of surrendering the situation to God. We can use those things to draw us closer to God. We can become stronger not just in the midst of stress but because of stress.

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