Beta Reading Suggestions

Beta Reading

Last time around I had a lot of requests for what exactly I was looking for in feedback, and frankly, I myself didn’t know. So this time around I actually have a list 🙂 Feel free to answer all or none of these–they’re just suggestions to get you started.


  • How does the story make you feel?
  • Does anything not make sense?
  • Does the story seem consistent with your view of God?
  • Were the characters relatable?


  • Do the characters seem to act/talk/think consistently throughout the story?
  • Have I explained everything, i.e., are there any loose ends?
  • Does the dialogue sound right? Is there a better way to say something than I’ve said it?
  • Were there any places where you could’t tell who was speaking?
  • Are there any reactions (e.g., smiling, nodding, etc.) that seem overused?
  • Were the characters’ emotions shown clearly (vs. being told how they feel)?
  • Does anything stick out as being out of place?
  • Are there any words or phrases overused?
  • Does anything seem inconsistent with the Bible?

Spelling, grammar, typos, punctuation: Please note anything of that nature that you notice.

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