So this year I’ve decided to change things up a little bit on my blog, in large part because of how things went in 2014. Can I just say that I am so, so, so thankful that year is over? In the past I’ve kept my eyes open for a topic to write about, but I am no longer that organized. I spent most of last year just praying I would get through it. I mean, I’m thankful for the things God taught me and I don’t see how I could have learned them without going through the actual experiences. I spent several months practically  bedridden with whooping cough–actually, I was chair-ridden because I couldn’t lay down without coughing until I puked… yeah… good times. And because of the emotional crap that I went through last year, I was pretty much down for the count. I really don’t think I would have survived if I hadn’t been so physically sick. It gave me time to just be, if that makes sense.

During that time, I barely wrote at all. Obviously, I didn’t blog. But I also didn’t work on my book–although by the time I got sick, I was just beginning the editing stage, so I wouldn’t have been doing that much writing anyway. I did, however, spend oodles and oodles of time reading. Mostly just as a defense mechanism. It’s amazing how well it works for me. It slowed down the overwhelm enough to recognize it was there without completely losing my mind. Plus, I was able to process through some things via the stories I was reading. This past couple weeks I started writing again and it’s been like a breath of fresh air. I’m not sure if it’s just because the holidays are so awful for me or what, but come January or February of most years I end up being almost euphoric because I finally feel like myself again. And writing has been like that. It reminds me of the things I love, regrounds me in who I am.

Therefore, in an effort to make sure I’m actually writing, I’ve decided to blog even when I don’t actually have the brain power to plan my blogs out. I’m planning to not-plan 😉 Geesh! So typical of me. I can’t even not plan without planning to do it 🙂 Anyway! Consider yourself forewarned 😉

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