Light and Dark

This week we let our girls watch the old, old My Little Pony TV show. In the first episode, “Escape from Midnight Castle,” the Moochik gives the ponies a tiny piece of a rainbow of light. They use it to combat the bad guy’s full-size rainbow of darkness. At first the bit of light rainbow gets swallowed up by the dark, but then it transforms the rainbow of darkness and the ponies end up with a full-size rainbow of light.

It made me think about the way darkness and light work. They can’t exist simultaneously–a room is either light or dark, not both. It can’t be sun bright and night dark at the same time. And we don’t shine dark into light places to cause the light to leave. We shine light and then darkness goes away. In that respect, darkness is the absence of light.

I was feeling encouraged by these facts. There are days when it looks like humanity is running down the path to self-destruction. It feels like darkness and sin are going to win. The Bible says that God is light (1 John 1:5). When I look at how the light transforms darkness, I am reminded that God wins in the end. It also reminds me that being a conduit to inject His light/love (i.e. Himself) into any situation is the way to get rid of darkness. In other words, returning good for evil is the way to overcome the darkness, not running from it or fighting back.

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