Small Choices

A week after publishing I’m finally getting glimpses of that kid-on-summer-holiday feeling. It’s weird not doing any writing/editing on Tales. I mean, I’ve spent longer than the past two years on it, pretty much daily. And thus, I’ve spent the past month or so praying for clarity regarding which project to focus on next (I have several irons in the fire, writing-wise). I want something that feels like Tales–driven, called, crystal-clear–but maybe nothing will… maybe something will later. Tales didn’t even feel like that until I was elbow-deep into it.

In the midst of crying out for guidance, I’ve found myself being convicted over the small things–projects on a daily level. Why don’t I pray about them? I pray on a general level in the morning and haphazardly throughout my day, but not specifically. What would happen if I asked God, “Is now the right time to do the dishes or should I be doing laundry instead or just playing with my kids?” What if I truly believed that He cares about everything and loves me enough to help in the small things?

I have this idea I’m on my own for making the “piddly” decisions, but at the end of the day, they matter. The small things add up to a lifetime of obsessing over my house cleaning or pouring into my children. Small things are the stuff of life and position us for making the big decisions.

So maybe, rather than hunting for a new major project to jump into, I need to stop worrying about the big things and see what God wants to do in the “small.”

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