Book Update

I’ve recently been taken to task for not providing an update on how writing is going. It’s slow! Frankly, self-publishing is a lot of work. Writing is a lot of work–it’s fun, but it’s taken far more time than I expected to get this far. My original deadline has gotten moved up several times.

This weekend my in-laws watched our kids while my husband and I edited my third rewrite of the last story in Tales from a Spacious Place. Now it’ll go through the gauntlet of theological content editors and writing editors. I’ll read through their suggestions and make changes as needed. My husband and I will listen to the computer read the story out loud–this helps catch any typos we might otherwise read over without seeing. Then I’ll send the final draft back to my main editor, who will read through it and make any other final changes she thinks are needed. Then I’ll go back over her changes. Lord willing, after that, story number six will be done! I still have a few other stories in various stages of the process. Only story 1 and story 6 are left to be read by my main editors. My pastor has been very helpful in catching any unintentional heresy. It’s amazing how easy it is to accidentally sound like you mean something truly unbiblical!

The cover has been mostly completed. God very graciously provided the perfect photo for it last summer and I’ve just been tweaking text placement and the back blurb for the past few months.

In fact! Here’s a preview of the back blurb:

What if, in a single step, you could cross from everyday reality into something entirely different? A wrought iron door leads to a well-stocked cellar, lined with precious vintages…or do the bottles contain something more sinister? Is death masquerading as solace? Only a trip into a deeper reality will pry unwilling eyes open to the truth. The fight to discover truth continues in the halls of an art museum. An artist defaces sculptures, resculpting their faces to reflect himself. His collection of destroyed sculptures sets the stage for a battle to preserve individuality. Can anyone stop him? In these six short stories Elizabeth Frerichs explores the cramped doorways God uses to bring us out into a spacious place. Her enthralling writing style will keep you coming back for more.

I’m really excited to see what God does with it! I never intended to write this book . . . it’s been something God called me to do step by step, an agonizing, wonderful journey. So look for it to come out sometime in the next few months!

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