Bad Fruit & X-ray Vision

Yesterday I discovered a peach that was moldy, a mere 36 hours after buying it. After cutting it open to see if any was salvageable, I realized it had been rotting from the inside out. The mold on the skin was only the most recent symptom of a rotten pit. How in the world is one supposed to avoid inner rottenness when picking produce? Only the day before yesterday, my peach was overly firm (hence, I left it out to ripen). I would like to propose that x-ray vision should be added to the tools of the trade for any savvy produce purchaser. It would be so much easier to pick out the proper produce if you could perceive the perfection (or lack thereof) in the pit.

Bad fruit. X-ray vision. As I meditated on these topics, somehow they connected for me in this amazing adventure God’s got me on. Jesus talks about knowing a tree by its fruit (aka deeds) (Matt 7:13-20). What about my fruit? Is there fruit in my life that looks all shiny and beautiful only because my rotten motives haven’t worked themselves out all the way (Matt 23:25-28)? Thank God that He’s given us His Spirit to shine a light on our hearts! Through Him, we can get an x-ray perspective on our own “fruit” and use any conviction as an opportunity for change.

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